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I appreciate any and all reviews!  If you'd like to leave a review of one of my books, please submit on the Leave A Review page.  Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback.  Here are some reviews I've received on my Facebook author page --  Jonell Hart - Author.

A Zat, What’s That is such a fun read. And, of course, that title will stick in your head. I can just hear little one exclaiming “Zat?”. I have gifted several copies to parents with young ones and they all just love the story and the bright illustrations. I’ve received Grandma’s Leprechaun and just from the bright, happy look, know that it’s going to be a hit also. Thank you, Jonell, for sharing your talent. -- B.H.

Really proud of this author! she is extremely talented . The kids love the books. I have gifted to the young mothers at my doctors office and will continue to share her work. -- G.C.

I highly recommend these beautiful books written by Jonell Hart!

I have purchased copies of both books for my young kids and they love them. My 6th grade granddaughter asked to donate a hardback copy of both books to her school library for all the children to enjoy..and she did!!

I love both books, but my favorite is Grandma’s Leprechaun. As I read the book to my grandchildren, I am reminded about the legacy we leave behind. -- D.W.

I wanted to take a minute to tell you that I loooooved both of your books!!!

I think they should be in every Kindergarten and first grade classes. The sing-song rhyme-y way you shared each story made it even more fun and enjoyable!

Keep going, Jonell! -- T.N.

(My grandson) and I LOVED reading your newest book!! I read his copy, the paperback, then told him to go pick out another book to read——he brought back my hardback copy and said, “this one (K.K.)!”. God love him—-he knows a great book when he sees it!!! Thanks for writing books for our precious Grandblessings!! -- K.S.

I read both Zat and Grandma’s Leprechaun. They are both really great books to read and enjoy with children. I liked them well enough to buy as gifts for my special youngsters. -- M.H.

I was so excited to get my order of books by that astounding author Jonell Hart!! I’ve just read the newest book “Grandma’s Leprechaun” and I love it! It has such a precious sentimental story

My kiddos are in for a special surprise!! -- D.W.

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