Welcome to my little page of the world! 


To date, I have published two children's books, and who knows what the future holds!  Maybe there are more to come!  It's an exciting and rewarding process to take your idea and see it developed by a talented illustrator, reviewed and published by creative and talented editors, and finally printed and bound into an actual, physical BOOK that you can hold in your hand!


Thanks for taking a look, and hopefully you will choose to share my books with the special little people in your life.


Grandma's Leprechaun

8.5 x 8.5  -  24-page  -  Full-Color


Bring a touch of magic into reading time with this wonderful story about imagination, childhood, and a little girl's love for her grandma.  A precious little leprechaun sits on a windowsill enchanting the little girl as she grows up visiting her grandparents' house.

When she confronts the loss of her grandma, the magical memories of very special times are rekindled.

A sweet story for children ages 5-8 about remembering special times with a family member and the imagination they share.

Available in Hardback -  $12.95 or Paperback - $7.95

Zat Cover (2).jpg

A Zat? What's That?

8.5 x 8.5  - 24-page  -  Full-Color

A silly rhyming story about a quirky little critter that gets in the house.  Is it a bug?  Is it a mouse?  No! It's a Zat!  He's funny, he's fast, and maybe there's more than one!

Your children ages 3-7 will enjoy the simple rhymes and colorful characters!

Available in Hardback - $12.95 or Paperback - $7.95

Book Tote Bag.JPG

Cute Book Tote Bag

$9.95 + shipping

These all cotton, lined, book tote bags are 11"x14" -- perfect for toting your child's books, school supplies, or any other useful items!

FREE with the purchase of any two hardback books!  Be sure to add to your cart & the price will be adjusted at your checkout.

(Fabric patterns and colors vary, according to availability.)